Our Approach

Upon admission and depending on the total number of participants, each individual will be assigned to a group. Unlike most programs however, assignments will not be made based on ability or what we like to refer to as "exceptionality". Instead, assignments will be based on social interest, personality, age, etc.… the same criteria that individuals without special needs would use!

The group approach has proven to be incredibly successful in both Birmingham and Memphis. Specifically, we believe that smaller groups provide the opportunity for deeper social connections with other program participants, as well as enhanced opportunities for engagement. It is important to note that all groups will ultimately engage in the same activities, although they may be held on different days. For example, all groups will typically spend the morning at the Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta participating in various activities. One group may then leave the facility while the others remain on-site. In the afternoon, the group that was off-site in the morning would return and the group that was on-site in the morning would then head out.

It should also be noted that our off campus events will be designed to integrate our participants in the larger community. Sure we'll go bowling, and of course we'll go to the zoo, but we're going to do so much more than just that. After all, we live in Atlanta! We've got great sporting venues, music, festivals, arts - you name it - Atlanta has it - and we're going to be involved so be sure to stop and introduce yourself if we happen to cross paths!