Fee Schedules

Sounds Great…Now please tell me how much…?!?!

Here at the Exceptional Foundation, we understand that the greatest program is worthless if those in need don't have the financial capability to attend. With that said, our goal is to offer services at what we believe is a very competitive rate. Program fees are expected to cover approximately one third of our projected annual budget, with the remainder coming from fundraisers and private donations.

In summary, program fees are designed to help offset the daily cost of operating the program. Additional fees may also apply depending on the specific activity that is scheduled for that day. For example, if a participant's group is scheduled to attend a Braves game, the cost of the ticket would be extra and in addition to the normal program fees. All participants will also be charged a "supply fee" to help offset the cost of the many (limited life) items we will need - For example, markers, paper, pens, etc.…

Our current base program fee is $65.00 per day. As the program continues to grow, this fee is subject to change.