Potential Exceptional Foundation participants will be required to sit for an admissions interview in order to determine if our program is a good fit to meet their specific needs. Potential participants will then be required to complete a 30-day evaluation period where staff will seek to validate that the individual meets the following criteria:

1) Participants should possess individual self-help skills. Specifically, participants should be able to toilet and feed themselves. Everyone will also be expected to ALWAYS exhibit appropriate restroom conduct.

2) Participants should be able to follow simple instructions and participate in activities with minimal staff assistance.

3) Participants should have a level of social maturity that allows them to interact appropriately with other individuals.

4) Participants should not have physical, cognitive or medical needs that require one-on-one assistance. (Exceptions to this criteria will be considered if participant attends with an aid. All aids, must however, receive prior approval directly from the Executive Director of the EFATL.)