Get Involved

So what do we need?

The priority of any new organization is of course money, and we are no different. We are fortunate to have Lauren Marks as our Executive Director. Even with her generous contributions, we're a conservative bunch when it comes to funding, which is why we've set monthly fundraising goals through the end of the 2019. We anticipate the cost to be approximately $200,000 to fund the type of program we want. Our goal is to raise 75% of that before Q4' 2019.

If you’re a “fine-print” type of person, we encourage you to request and read through a copy of our business plan. Here you will find detailed budget estimates, as well as information regarding loads of other areas of interest regarding not only why we think this project is so crucial, but also how we’re planning to make it happen.

What Else…?

Please follow us on social media! We post updates on a regular basis through Facebook!

We are also creating Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts as well! We certainly encourage you to share, like, comment, etc. Is there something you think we're missing? Have a question? Leave us a note, and we'll respond.

Host a Meet & Greet

Our board members love talking about the Exceptional Foundation and are always eager to meet new people. If you're involved with a group that you think may be interested in learning more, then by all means… invite us over…! We would love the opportunity to come tell your group why we think the Exceptional Foundation is so desperately needed in our community.

Take a Tour

If you really want to experience what the Exceptional Foundation is all about, there is no better way to do it than to visit the original program in Birmingham, AL. Executive Director Tricia Kirk will be thrilled to host you as will the on average over 100 participants that you can expect to meet on any given day. For informational purposes, Birmingham is approximately two hours drive from Atlanta, and the trip can easily be done in a day.