Life's most urgent question: What are you doing for others?

- Martin Luther King Jr.

The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta has one goal - To serve the needs of those with special needs. With that in mind, we will serve as an accurate source of information and networking for anyone and everyone that will allow us to. This website will serve as a database of other service providers in the greater Atlanta area. The Exceptional Foundation firmly believes that that the "size of the pie" is not fixed and that the answer is not for various non-profit organizations to "fight" over that pie, but to work together in an effort to grow its size.

We also understand that Atlanta is simply far too large for any one organization to properly serve. There will unfortunately be individuals that we are simply not equipped to assist. Geography will be another hurdle that will be difficult to overcome for those that do not live within a certain radius of where our services are ultimately offered. Nevertheless, our mission is to ensure that everyone seeking assistance is matched to an organization that meets their specific needs.

gigis playhouse.png

Gigi's Playhouse Atlanta

Gigi's Playhouse is an amazing organization that provides a wide range of educational and therapeutic programs FREE of charge. Specifically, programs work on social skills, fine motor skills, speech and language, reading, math and many others. Howie Rosenberg runs the show, and is always excited to welcome new families.

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Special Kneads and Treats, Inc.

Located in Lawrenceville, GA, Special Kneads and Treats is a non-profit specialty bake shop designed to provide special needs adults within the surrounding community a place to learn a skill and develop a sense of accountability and pride. The food here is ridiculously tasty, and according to a Facebook post from February 15, 2016, they had a waiting list of 133…