Based on the success of the Birmingham Exceptional Foundation (founded in 1993), the National Exceptional Foundation was established in 2011 with a mandate to help local leaders in other communities establish similar programs. The National Exceptional Foundation has consulted with local leaders in multiple cities, including Memphis, TN and Daphne, AL, both of which are currently offering services. A third group, The Exceptional Foundation of Charlotte is expected to begin offering services in September 2016. The Exceptional Foundation of Atlanta will operate as an affiliate of the National Exceptional Foundation.

The National EF provides organizational and special needs consulting, training for board and staff, templates, proven policies and procedures, as well as other technical and administrative assistance. We feel strongly that the knowledge base gathered in Birmingham over the past 25+ years would be almost impossible to recreate on our own and that their expertise, guidance and oversight will help ensure a quality program here in Atlanta. For additional information regarding the National Exceptional Foundation or the Exceptional Foundation in Birmingham, please see the links provided below.

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